Capture your life, one week at a time.

Life Calendar helps you visualize your life by breaking it down to weeks and displaying it in a grid. Each week is symbolized by a little box, and each box can be color coded. A note can be added to each week, and with it you can capture any thoughts, feelings, or reflections you might have during that time.

Your life in weeks

Each year of your life has exactly 52 weeks and one day. Life Calendar breaks down those years into grids of boxes, and each box represents a week. The diamond shaped box is your birthday. You can mark a week box with a color, and use these colors to differentiate between your weeks. Perhaps a happy week uses your favorite color, and a sad week uses grey.

One note each week

Each week box can hold a note, and a note can contain any thoughts or reflections you might have on your life. What if, at the end of each week, you keep a small note of how your week was? Imagine the perspective you'd get on your life if you keep taking weekly notes for a year or two!

Snapshots of your life

Life Calendar can generate snapshots of your life. These snapshots can be of your life in years, a shot of a single year, or a single shot of your whole life, with every single week shown by a little box, represented by the color of your life at that point. 


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Life Snapshots

Generate beautiful snapshots of your life and share them with your friends!

Life Notebooks

Export your notes to .txt files and never lose them, or turn them into beautiful PDF files.

Weekly Reminders

Set up a weekly reminder whenever you want and never forget to write a note.

Birthday Box

Your Birthday Box opens up only once a year, on your birthday. Make sure you use it!

"It kind of feels like our lives are made up of a countless number of weeks. But there they are—fully countable—staring you in the face." — Tim Urban

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