Frequently Asked Questions

What’s this all about?

Life Calendar uses your birthday to generate a giant grid of your life in weeks and shows you where you are relative to this grid. You can then keep track of these weeks by marking them with colors and adding short notes to each week. These notes can be anything from events of that particular week to any thoughts or reflections you might have on your life during that time.

Some people like to use Life Calendar as a weekly diary, while others use it as a way to keep their past and future in perspective.

What do all these colors mean?

When Life Calendar was originally designed, the concept of colors wasn’t really something I gave much thought to – I just wanted something that can be used to differentiate between different years and weeks, and colors seemed like the simplest option. I didn’t really think much of it, but after the application matured, I realized that many users struggle with giving a meaning to each color. But instead of giving the users a preset of options or meanings and confining them with these options, I figured users can come up with meanings to the colors themselves.

As a user of the application myself, I’ve used colors to give different meanings to my weeks depending on how they went. I really like the color blue, as when I have a good week, I use that color. When I miss adding a note, I use black. When there’s something to celebrate, like a birthday party or a big event, I’ll use red.

By using the application, you slowly come up with different meanings to your weeks, and this is one of the original points of the application – I want you to really start thinking about your weeks, how you define them, and how you differentiate them from each other.

Nevertheless, I’m planning on expanding the number of colors and on maybe adding including icons or “stickers”. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them.

Where do I start adding notes?

Wherever you want! By default, Life Calendar displays a “current pointer” that shows you where you are relative to the grid, and this is the point most users use to start taking notes.

When do weeks start?

Technically, each user’s week starts differently, depending on their birthday, but notes are usually taken at the end of the week, right before a new one starts.

What about daily notes?

Allowing daily notes won’t make Life Calendar any different from a regular diary. The point of the application was to make it as easy as possible to begin taking logs of your life, and daily notes don’t go with that.

If this becomes a highly requested feature, I might consider it, but so far I’m not making any promises.

Why did you make Life Calendar?

To help put Life Calendar in perspective, I recently wrote about how the idea of the application was perceived, and how I slowly built it over a period of approximately one year. You can check it out here.

What are Life Snapshots?

Life Snapshots allow you to generate “snapshots” of your life. You can select from a few options – a snapshot of your years, of a single year, or of your whole life in weeks – and Life Calendar will generate a PNG image containing your selection and save it to your device.

Life Snapshots can be found under your Account Dashboard.

What are Life Notebooks?

Life Notebooks allow you to export your notes from the application. This makes it easy to store your notes in case you ever want to stop using Life Calendar.

Currently notes can only be exported as a text file, but a fancy PDF option is in the works.

What is the Birthday Box?

The Birthday Box appears only once a year – on your birthday – and can accessed from your Account Dashboard. You can add notes to it just like you would to any week, but these notes can’t be read or opened unless the box is open. You can read more about it when it opens for you. :)

Note that the Birthday Box is only available for Upgraded accounts.

Can I change my birthday?

Your birthday can be changed from your Account Settings page, which can be found in your Account Dashboard.

Why are my week boxes greyed out?

To differentiate between weeks without notes and weeks that have them, week boxes that don’t have any are slightly greyed out.

Moving through weeks / notes is tedious!

You can easily move between your weeks and notes by swiping to the left or to the right across the screen.

I keep forgetting to take a note!

You can set up a weekly reminder from the Settings page.

I want to lock my Life Calendar!

Unfortunately, Life Calendar doesn’t have any built in password system, and probably never will. If you’re on Android, there are a ton of apps that can help you with that.

Can’t I add more than a note to my weeks?

You can! Upgraded members have access to "note items", where you can add images to your notes. I'm working on expanding to video and audio files too, hopefully very soon!

Typing on my phone sucks. I want to type on my computer!

A web client is currently in the works, and will be available soon. You can sign up to the newsletter to be notified when its available.

I think I found a bug / I have a feature request / I need more help

Feel free to shoot me an email with anything you want. :)

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