A port of MegaHAL to Android and iOS.

MegaHAL is a simple conversation simulator developed in the late 90's by Jason Hutchens. The intent is for MegaHAL to appear as a human fluent in a natural language. Unlike other chatterbots, MegaHAL slowly learns from what you talk to it about, and then starts making up sentences of its own. As you talk to it, MegaHAL remembers what you say, and starts making up sentences of its own. MegaHAL will sometimes respond with coherent sentences, and at other times with complete gibberish. This is why at first, MegaHAL will probably make no sense. Keep talking to it, however, and you'll find that it will eventually make more sense - sometimes replying humorously.

homepage The homepage of the original MegaHAL project.
jmegahal A java port of MegaHAL. This library was used to port MegaHAL to Android and iOS.
mega android The Android port, available on the Google Play Store.
imegahal The iOS port, available on the Itunes App Store.
support For any help or questions, please contact me.
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